Modshift Productions
Los Angeles, CA. 

Modshift is a video production house based in Los Angeles.  Film, documentary, commercials.. With both shooting and editing capabilities, we keep things moving quickly and efficiently. We are world travel ready, able and ready to shoot anywhere.  Anything is game. 

Services provided
Director of photography
Camera, Lighting, Audio - Crew

In House Gear
Cameras: Canon C100, Canon 5d Mark iii, Black Magic Pocket Cinema
Extensive collection of Lenses. Including Canon L series zooms and primes.
Lighting: 2k Fresnel, 1k Fresnels (2), 4k Softlite, Diffusion, 750 Tota's (3). Diffusion, light stands, C stands. 
Dollies, Tripods, DJI Ronin.    

Booking + General Inquiry
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